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How can I get the respose by "linktoyou" ?

  • xzwsun

                               <label onclick='jobURL.value="/pages/job/jobTypeDisplay.jsp";jobEventCtrl.value="jp.co.fujixerox.ep.idsp.portal.webapp.JobTypeQueryEvent";document.forms[0].submit();'>
                               <TABLE cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="cursor:hand">
                                   <TR onmouseover='displayImgLeft.src="<%=path%>/images/cb_l_over.png";displayImgRight.src="<%=path%>/images/cb_r_over.png";displayTD.style.color="white";displayTD.style.background="url(<%=path%>/images/cb_bg_over.png)"'
                                   <TD class="edgeCB"><IMG id="displayImgLeft" src="<%=path%>/images/cb_l_normal.png"></TD>                        
                                   <TD class="textCBNormal" style="vertical-align:middle;font-size:12" id="displayTD">linktoyou</TD>
                                   <TD class="edgeCB"><IMG id="displayImgRight" src="<%=path%>/images/cb_r_normal.png"></TD>

    • Wolfgang Fahl
      Wolfgang Fahl

      I don't get the meaning of the question.
      Your table snippet looks like a piece of PHP code that uses javascript and jsp functionality.
      You might want to get the httpunit source code from the subversion repository trunk and look at the more than 700 testcases included. Thes testcases show how problems like yours can be solved by making the code to be checked simpler to a point for where only a single problem is checked.

      E.g. you might want to first change the page to be checked to it's static equivalent (jsp, php and javascript results taken into account) and then look what is going on.