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#18 Deleted messages remain new and unread on the server


Using a MacBook with Leopard
Httpmail seems to work ok with the mac Mail client. However, when I delete messages on the client they remain on the server and appear new as well. This did not happen when I was using my outlook express. I tried adjusting the mailbox behaviour on the client but it doesn't seem to affect it. Any solutions??

Thank you,
Khaled Nasser


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    This is normal.

    The HTTPMail client is not like POP3 or IMAP and so you should not expect the same features in it. What HTTPmail does is copy your inbox to you mac and not mark them as read or delete them. If you don't like it go back to Outlook Express. You should be glad that someone is making an afford to make hotmail work in Apple Mail. Not even Thunderbird can handle (free) hotmail accounts. You should blame Micro$oft for not using pop3/imap for free hotmail/live account.

    A HTTPmail User