#52 Read error: Logon.passport.com - connection reset by peer


Hi all,

Recently switched over to MAC :) and have tried using httpmail on my new (to me) G4 powerbook.

fresh install of Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 w/all updates
Using Mail.app that came with Tiger
No other mail.app addons, changes or plugins
I have a "grandfathered" hotmail.com account with the ability to use the "hotmail plus" features

Seems like every SECOND time I open Mail.app, it gives me the following error:
Read error: Logon.passport.com - connection reset by peer
see image here: http://www.mooresmobiledetailing.com/andrewsutherland/error_1.jpg

Then I click OK, and I receive:
see image here: http://www.mooresmobiledetailing.com/andrewsutherland/error_2.jpg

All I have to do to get it to work is close Mail.app, and re-open it. Then it works for that instance.

I've tried uninstalling, incl the bit using terminal.app, and I've tried both the newer 1.49 and the older 1.47 (Tiger PPC).

One more portion of this error:
When I go to SEND an email, I recieve an error SOMETIMES saying it cannot connect, then I click "try again another time" and close Mail.app and re-open it, then it works.

Can someone please help? Thanks so much.


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    Can no one help me with this? It was a stock Mac OSX Tiger install, with nothing else to screw it up. Is no one else having these problems?

    Daniel - are you able to help? I sent you an email the same time I wrote up this trouble ticket but haven't gotten a response back yet.

    thank you