#44 Doesn't work anymore for me too


I just got a new G5 with Tiger on it and Mail 2.0.2. I had installed the
HTTP mail plug in for tiger and it's been working great for about 3
weeks. But this morning I turned on the computer and my hotmail
mailbox was deleted from my Mail, and when I went to quit Mail, it
wouldn't quit. I had to force quit it.

I tried rienstalling the plug-in twice and both times I set up the
hotmail account and then tell it to "get mail" the Mail program can't
retrieve anything from my account. The "wheel" graphic just keeps
spinning as if it's trying to retrieve my mail without any results.

I tried de-installing the plug-in and then re-installing it, and get the
same results. Plus Mail still won't quit -- I have to force-quit in order
to get out of it.

Please help if you can.



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    I have the exact same problem. However, I went into the account folder
    and deleted all the .plist files for each subfolder in my httpmail account. I
    then re-added a new account. It then downloaded all the email. Then when
    I went to look at an email all of the email disappeared.