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email deleted on server when synchronized

  • ingrid

    I was using httpmail with the setting "don't change anything on server" for some time.  mostly i used hotmail on the web.  today i upgraded to httpmail 1.42, everything worked as before.  then i changed the setting from "don't change anything on the server" to "synchronize with the sever" and ALL the mail inside user folders was deleted on the server, but  kept on local machine.  anyway i can undo this?

    please help!


    • Daniel Parnell
      Daniel Parnell

      your messages should still be in the Trash on the Hotmail server.  The "synchronize" mode of the plugin will remove any messages from the Hotmail server that are moved out of the Hotmail account inside Mail, so for example if you have a Mail rule that moves the message to another folder, the plugin will also delete it from the server.
      Unfortunately at the moment, the synch code is only one way, so moving a message into a folder of the account will not be reflected at the server.

    • ingrid

      Trash is automatically emptied once a day in Hotmail server, and by the time i got to it, it had been emptied....the information on the ReadMe was not clear that this was going to happen.  4 years worth of saved emails are now on my machine and not on the server where i wanted them....

      • Daniel Parnell
        Daniel Parnell

        sorry about that.
        I have updated the readme to include this information.

    • Big G
      Big G

      Hi Daniel,

      Could you clarify precisely what the situation is wrt folders ?

      I had the same sort of probelm as this poster:

      1) Started with 'Don't change anything on server', and all mail, including subfolders on hotmail was dumped into the one new 'hotmail within mail.app inbox'

      2) I think I then enabled 'download extra folders' and these messages were then correctly sorted into equivalents of my hotmail structure on mail.app.

      Unfortunately this seems to have caused the content of the hotmail folders (on hotmail.com) to be moved to the trash.

      You say "the 'synchronize' [sic] mode of the plugin will remove any messages from the Hotmail server that are moved out of the Hotmail account inside Mail," - but I didn't actually do any moving within Mail.

      Can you clarify if just 'enabling folders' will cause this 'move to trash' ? (Or have I got the order of events a bit wrong) ?


    • Rick

      Any update on this thread?  I have the same problem.  I've lost all of the e-mail in my hotmail folders by having the sychronization set.    Is there two-way synchronization yet?

    • crashtan

      I have the exact same problem, is there already a solution for this problem?