Can't see contents of hotmail inbox in Mail

  • Kevin Mullery
    Kevin Mullery

    Just installed this wonderful application v1.49. Previously never had a problem with it. Intel iMac  OS 10.4.11 just back from motherboard replacement and I'm setting it up again.

    I can see a Hotmail Inbox, and the incoming email shows up when I'm looking at the whole inbox. I can read and move to another mailbox. It synchronises with the Hotmail server - all seems fine.

    BUT ... the wierd thing is that if I click on the Hotmail inbox, to read just those emails, I see only an empty mailbox. The email disappears and will not return when I go back to the main Inbox. The email is not in the Trash and still shows on the server - but it won't download again.

    Six weeks ago all was well. I haven't upgraded my Hotmail to Live.

    I have an Intel MacBook running  10.4.11 and httpmail v1.48 with none of these problems.

    Oh *****! - have I just downloaded the wrong version??? Any ideas? help, please?