iMac Version 10.4.9 Want default to MSN Email

Mary Ann
  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann

    I called MSN support to obtain my incoming/outgoing POP mail servers & was given for incoming & for outgoing.  Mac support cannot get it to work.  When inputing the information in it comes back with not recognizing my user or my password.  We have disabled the user/password security and still does not work.  Mac stated that this has worked with other Versions but is not aware of it working with the 10.4.9 version. I really want to use my MSN email without having to go through hotmail to get to it from my new iMac.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

    • Pete Mac
      Pete Mac

      Interesting that MSN gave you those settings... Microsoft gave me these

      Incoming (if you use Mail for Mac using the HTTP plugin, drop the pop3)

      Try those.. it works for me howver, for some reason, when I send email, the program keeps picking up an old server and won't use the server I have enetered..doh!!

      Hope this helps