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end of httpmail?

  • batmantis00

    I supppose httpmail will be a lot less useful after this takes effect:

    oh well.  hope someone comes up with a plugin that works with gmail.

    • Benjamin Bloom
      Benjamin Bloom

      I love it how they say it's "a bid to rein in spammers" it's clearly a bid to make money! we've known this would be coming for a long time. they just wanted people to get comfortable on their free accounts so that they wouldn't just switch to another free service. It's another example of how great our closed source, competition driven market really is.

    • It happened last night. One now needs to subscribe to "Hotmail Plus" at $20 a year in order to use the httpmail protocol...

    • shawngaldeen

      Actually, it seems that the latest sourceforge release for Jaguar still links with Hotmail just fine....I wonder what the difference is?

    • Curt Lewis
      Curt Lewis

      Microsoft has stated that EXISTING hotmail users will still be able to get their mail using Outlook (or in our case httpmail).  I read that in an email they sent me about the changes to hotmail in the last couple weeks or so.