#76 Messages disappearing - very serious problem


When a new message (or messages) are downloaded from Hotmail, I
get a notification of new email, with the correct amount shown on the
mail.app icon as usual, however, when I click on the Hotmail inbox,
all the emails are gone. Nothing there.

However, if I already have the Hotmail inbox selected, then I can see
and read the messages just fine, but when I click away from the
Hotmail inbox and back again, all the messages have disappeared.

Please fix this as it makes a very good plugin pretty much
worthless, as I still have to go to the Hotmail website to check my
emails now!

Thanks in advance.

PS: Mac OS X 10.4.1, httpmail plugin 1.45


  • Martyn Klassen
    Martyn Klassen

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    This problem still exist with 1.46a for Tiger.

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    I had the same problem. I "solved" it as follow.

    Using the search engine, I deleted ALL folders and files which names
    contained httpmail. Empty Trash

    I downloaded the plugin again, and followed the instructions for manual
    install, re-entering the Terminal commands and placing the bundle
    myself where it belongs (I think the installer should work too, but since I
    have not done it)

    I re-configured (again...) the plugin for mail collection, and... it works.

    I haven't looked for the faultive file, so I don't know where exactly it
    came from.

    Thanks for the usefull plugin. I've been using it since its very first
    releases back to Puma.

  • Tim

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    This STILL appears to be a problem. Please post a fix if it
    exists, as it is now November 2005 (five months after this
    bug was reported)...



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    I'm having the same problem.

    I'll describe what happens to me:

    I normally start by having all Inboxes selected on the left side pane. This shows me messages that are in the Inboxes for all 3 accounts that I manage using Mail.

    Then I'll mark junk mail as junk, delete messages as necessary, and then I move on. At this point I normally have messages sent to my MSN still unread sitting on the Inbox waiting for me to read. Ok.

    Then I'll select Junk on the left side so I can visually scan the messages. At this point I'll mark messages that are NOT junk as not junk and move them back to the Inbox manually.

    Then I'll select the trash so I can visually scan the messages in case there is something that ended up there by accident. If all is well, I'll usually empty the trash.

    Then, finally, I'll once again select the Inbox to view messages in all accounts' Inboxes and catch up and read the messages that I left unread before.

    At that point, I'll see a "progress cricle" quickly revolve next to the MSN account Inbox icon, and ALL the messages that I left there unread dissapear before my very eyes!

    This has happened since version 1.45 (or 6--I cant remember now).

    I've emailed Daniel Parnell at least twice that I can remember.

    I thought I was the only one with this problem, but now I've seent that it's happened to at least one other person. There must be pleny others who are having this problem and are not posting their problem.

    I hope this can be resolved. I too end up going to the website to get the messages and this defeats the purpose of having the plugin in the first place.