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Language and Upload feature

  • Evandro Amaro
    Evandro Amaro


    I'd like to congratulate you for your great piece of software, which only distances perfectness by an upload feature, for my likes and needs of course.
    I've translated the english.xml to Portuguese (Portugal) but I'm not being able to try it out even if i exchange namings with the xml's already there. It just disappears from http-explorer as i delete the xml's and use their filenames on my xml.

    How can i send it to you for integration?
    How's it going with the new features, namely Upload feature?


    • Pierre Niau
      Pierre Niau

      Have you tried to save the file as UTF-8?, try it since the default is ANSI which I think doesnt support special characters.

      Upload thing will be in the very future I think...