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Support Requests for HTSeq

If you have a question regarding HTSeq, please click on "Create ticket" to file a Support Request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also look through the closed tickets to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

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Created Updated
34 BAM and SAM readers cannot parse "=" in CIGAR format open Adam Rivers 2015-05-28 2015-05-28  
33 Htseq throws error for exonic read counts open Simon Anders Alva Rani James 2015-03-26 2015-03-26  
32 HTSeq count txt file first line empty open Zach 2014-09-06 2014-09-06  
31 Paired end reads, bacterial genome open mpiib1 2014-05-05 2014-05-20  
30 Counts on single and paired ends reads merged bam file open amuller 2014-03-25 2014-03-25  
29 making the count matrix from a fasta reference open JahnDavik 2013-12-21 2014-01-04  
28 htseq counting problem open Jian Wang 2013-12-16 2014-07-25  
27 trouble running unmated reads from paired-end data open Ren 2013-11-26 2013-12-05  
26 Different Read Counts‏: Samtools flagstst VS HTseq open Miguel Machado 2013-11-26 2013-12-06  
24 update HTSeq open Ugo 2013-09-04 2013-12-05  
23 Counting reads on introns open Marco 2013-07-26 2013-12-05  
22 new CIGAR code 'X' open laurent manchon 2013-06-25 2013-12-05  
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