I have just added to CVS a change that fixes the JavaScript configuration.  Constraints for browser and JavaScript values are now supported.  To do this, I created a new configuration package and moved the classes to this directory. 

I have also had to add a change to the Browser constructor which now requires a numeric value to be supplied for the initialization of the browser.  This change will affect anyone who is building their own browsers for testing.  This numeric version is the browser version that you are trying to emulate.  I know that this does not support the alpha versions but a limit had to be put somewhere and trying to match version using an alpha string would be hard.

This change is a major change for the JavaScript processing and a number of bugs which were supported before may not be supported now breaking your testing code.  The code passes all of our current test scripts but there may be some usages that do not work anymore.  If you find any, please try making a standalone JUnit test that demonstrates the problem and we will try to fix it.

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