hello all!

I am new in the list, I have been using HTML::Template for 3 month! great work!!

I would like to ask for your suggestion for the following problem:

We have a complex web application using HTML::Template. This application uses MySQL and a lot of modules, and is not easy to install.
We need a HTML designer to work in the templates.

Is there any way to, once the $template is filled, to dump the variables to a file?

the idea is to give the designer all the templates and the CSS's and a simple application that
    1) reads the dumped file
    2) fill the templates
    3) output html
so, he will be able to work in the templates, and see how they will look, without installing our application.

thank you very much!!


Matías Alejo García

NITS Argentina
    | http://www.nits.com.ar

    | Profesor Adjunto
    | Departamento de Informática