Looks like you are mostly successful.  Is there a path variable in the document? (eg <TMPL_VAR NAME='path'>)  It appears to be trying to set the variable 'path' which is not in the template file. =)


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Hello All,
I've been checking out HTML::Template, ($HTML::Template::VERSION =
'2.6';), and I cannot get it to work with the examples in the

I am using activestate perl  ActivePerl Build 633 on win32, nothing
fancy just the examples, but they wont work. Is this a windows problem?

I get this error:

HTML::Template : Attempt to set nonexistent parameter 'path' - this
parameter name doesn't match any declarations in the template file :
(die_on_bad_params => 1) at templ.pl line 6

please help...
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