Hi Jason,

I have had a look at it -> I have some comments which you should probably ignore, since I am not a guru, but here goes...

- I'm not sure I understand what it actually provides, that using caching wont already give you?

- where there are no '.txt' files in the directory, it generates a file "htree-help.html"

Mathew Robertson

Jason A. Crome wrote:

Been hacking on a little utility for a project I'm working on.  htree  
takes a bunch of page fragments and embeds them in the HTML::Template  
of your choice, allowing you to easily generate a number of static  
pages in one fell swoop.  This is greatly easing the deployment and  
updating of my project content.

It's rough, I won't lie.  It can read into subdirectories, but it can  
only write out to a single directory.  It's lacking any meaningful  
tests (which to say, it's pretty well missing any).  It hasn't been  
well checked for bugs.  But it has done what I've needed it to, so  
far ;)

You can get it here:  http://cromedome.net/downloads/HTML-Template-Htree-0.1.tar.gz

I'll upload to CPAN in a few days based upon feedback, etc.

Enjoy!  Patches and tests are very, very, very welcome!

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