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Feedback needed

Since some people have downloaded the devel-release I'd like to have some feedback.

Just few words (ex. "can't install it/big shit/crap/cool/soft of the year") would be great :)

Any idea/remark will be take in consideration.


Posted by Lionel Coc. 2001-10-04


I've opened a showroom'n'test site with htm running :

I will update it during the development of course.

Posted by Lionel Coc. 2001-06-29

In Progress

I'm now working again on the project, currently define all sql and base-scripts.

I'm looking for :
. a php-templates knower for real dynamics public scripts
. any help on sql would be appreciated (realy important)

And of course any ideas, suggestions, beta-testers are also wanted ! (forum or mail me).

Posted by Lionel Coc. 2001-06-14

The Project !

What the fuck with the project ?

I have worked hard on it and an alpha version have been used during a lan in April. It has been a good test of course :)

Many people asked me to test HTM. At this time HTM isn't automated at all for the admin-side and require a phpMyAdmin and direct-file work.
However I'll try to release an alpha version for people who really want to test it. Please note that this version is a preliminary work which need lots of work especially in sql design.... read more

Posted by Lionel Coc. 2001-05-01

HTM page @ opened

Just read the title. Hop this project will serve to somebody other me for my lan :)

Posted by Lionel Coc. 2001-03-15