When I run make on htdig 3.2.0b5, Solaris 2.8I receive the following error:

Making all in db

make[1]: Entering directory `/apps/scratch/htdig-3.2.0b5/db'
make  all-am
make[2]: Entering directory `/apps/scratch/htdig-3.2.0b5/db'
/bin/ksh ./libtool --mode=link gcc  -g -O2   -o libhtdb.la -rpath /apps/www/htdig/lib/htdig_db -release 3.2.0 bt_compare.lo bt_conv.lo bt_curadj.lo bt_cursor.lo bt_delete.lo bt_method.lo bt_open.lo bt_put.lo bt_rec.lo bt_reclaim.lo bt_recno.lo bt_rsearch.lo bt_search.lo bt_split.lo bt_stat.lo bt_upgrade.lo btree_auto.lo crdel_auto.lo crdel_rec.lo db.lo db_am.lo db_auto.lo db_byteorder.lo db_conv.lo db_dispatch.lo db_dup.lo db_err.lo db_getlong.lo db_iface.lo db_join.lo db_log2.lo db_meta.lo db_method.lo db_overflow.lo db_pr.lo db_rec.lo db_reclaim.lo db_ret.lo db_salloc.lo db_shash.lo db_upgrade.lo env_method.lo env_open.lo env_recover.lo env_region.lo hash.lo hash_auto.lo hash_conv.lo hash_dup.lo hash_func.lo hash_meta.lo hash_method.lo hash_page.lo hash_rec.lo hash_reclaim.lo hash_stat.lo hash_upgrade.lo lock.lo lock_conflict.lo lock_deadlock.lo lock_region.lo lock_util.lo log.lo log_archive.lo log_auto.lo log_compare.lo log_fin! dckp.lo log_get.lo log_method.lo log_put.lo log_rec.lo log_register.lo mp_alloc.lo mp_bh.lo mp_cmpr.lo mp_fget.lo mp_fopen.lo mp_fput.lo mp_fset.lo mp_method.lo mp_region.lo mp_register.lo mp_stat.lo mp_sync.lo mp_trickle.lo mut_fcntl.lo mut_pthread.lo mut_tas.lo mutex.lo os_abs.lo os_alloc.lo os_dir.lo os_errno.lo os_fid.lo os_finit.lo os_fsync.lo os_handle.lo os_map.lo os_method.lo os_oflags.lo os_open.lo os_region.lo os_rename.lo os_root.lo os_rpath.lo os_rw.lo os_seek.lo os_sleep.lo os_spin.lo os_stat.lo os_tmpdir.lo os_unlink.lo qam.lo qam_auto.lo qam_conv.lo qam_method.lo qam_open.lo qam_rec.lo qam_stat.lo txn.lo txn_auto.lo txn_rec.lo txn_region.lo xa.lo xa_db.lo xa_map.lo  -lz
false cru .libs/libhtdb.a  bt_compare.o bt_conv.o bt_curadj.o bt_cursor.o bt_delete.o bt_method.o bt_open.o bt_put.o bt_rec.o bt_reclaim.o bt_recno.o bt_rsearch.o bt_search.o bt_split.o bt_stat.o bt_upgrade.o btree_auto.o crdel_auto.o crdel_rec.o db.o db_am.o db_auto.o db_byteorder.o db_conv.o db_dispatch.o db_dup.o db_err.o db_getlong.o db_iface.o db_join.o db_log2.o db_meta.o db_method.o db_overflow.o db_pr.o db_rec.o db_reclaim.o db_ret.o db_salloc.o db_shash.o db_upgrade.o env_method.o env_open.o env_recover.o env_region.o hash.o hash_auto.o hash_conv.o hash_dup.o hash_func.o hash_meta.o hash_method.o hash_page.o hash_rec.o hash_reclaim.o hash_stat.o hash_upgrade.o lock.o lock_conflict.o lock_deadlock.o lock_region.o lock_util.o log.o log_archive.o log_auto.o log_compare.o log_findckp.o log_get.o log_method.o log_put.o log_rec.o log_register.o mp_alloc.o mp_bh.o mp_cmpr.o mp_fget.o mp_fopen.o mp_fput.o mp_fset.o mp_method.o mp_regi! on.o mp_register.o mp_stat.o mp_sync.o mp_trickle.o mut_fcntl.o mut_pthread.o mut_tas.o mutex.o os_abs.o os_alloc.o os_dir.o os_errno.o os_fid.o os_finit.o os_fsync.o os_handle.o os_map.o os_method.o os_oflags.o os_open.o os_region.o os_rename.o os_root.o os_rpath.o os_rw.o os_seek.o os_sleep.o os_spin.o os_stat.o os_tmpdir.o os_unlink.o qam.o qam_auto.o qam_conv.o qam_method.o qam_open.o qam_rec.o qam_stat.o txn.o txn_auto.o txn_rec.o txn_region.o xa.o xa_db.o xa_map.o
make[2]: *** [libhtdb.la] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/apps/scratch/htdig-3.2.0b5/db'
make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/apps/scratch/htdig-3.2.0b5/db'
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

Any one else have the same issue?

Thanks Michele