I have never had a problem with htdig and spaces in filenames, but in trying to index a set of html files on our intranet site, I encountered some problems. 

It appears as though htdig has removed the white spaces in the filenames that I am trying to index.  I have never seen this happen before and am unable to figure out exactly why it is happening.  I have tried several different solutions and none seem to change anything.  I am using version 3.1.5


Here is a section of what is going on using -vvv.


+A tag: pos = 2, position = ="Lee County.html">

href: http://intranet/locality_test/LeeCounty.html (Lee County)

resolving 'http://intranet/locality_test/LeeCounty.html'


   pushing http://intranet/locality_test/LeeCounty.html


I would appreciate any help.



Jason Hayes