I ended up dropping the beta version and going back to 3.1.6 and everything is cool again.


On Oct 7, 2005, at 5:12 PM, Neal Richter wrote:

Please reload/recreate you index... I tried the site.. didn't work.

Please also send an example URL.


On 10/3/05, Walter McGinnis <web@mars-hq.com> wrote:
Check out http://consensusproject.org/search/index?

Notice that some results are correctly formatted with title and
excerpts and others have a title that is derived from the url and no
excerpt.  If you click on one of these, the page does indeed match
the search criteria, have a title, and have text that htdig could
derive an excerpt from.  Also notice that these pages don't have an
extension (i.e. .html or .asp) and have url variables.  My guess is
that because these pages have an unknown file type because they don't
have an extension, htdig doesn't try to derive a title and excerpt
from them when parsing them.  The pages in question are dynamic ones
derived from a pair of files, a .tcl script that sets up the
requested page's variables, and a template (.adp) that lays them out
accordingly, the web server combines them and no extension is
necessary (see http://openacs.org/doc/acs-templating/ for details).
The result is, however, basically HTML.

I suspect that I have to change something in my configuration file
and rebuild my index.  Is there any way to trick htdig to treat these
files as HTML and do the right thing?



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