I just heard back from Putty and they said that I can use it with Red Hat 3.0 Linux. It is a free program for telnet/ssh access. That is good news because I can't afford 95.00 a month just to get the ssh access, and that was the lowest price I could find online last time I checked.
Regarding the editors that is no problem but do you know of another good free one that would work ok instead of notepad? As far as html kit etc. that is just to add code to my web pages. I can add any other code along with it, so why do you think that will harm htdig? I have already tried adding perl, javascript code from elsewhere and it took it with no problem at all. I should be able to add htdig code directly in with the other code and I can make sure it isn't corrupted by copying the htdig code elsewhere also as a back up, in case it does get corrupted somehow. Don't really understand how it can corrupt htdig but if I am missing something let me know.
Before I proceed I need to make sure that htdig will let me add other web site url's to its index, to come up in search results. Also that I can format the search results page in my own fonts and colors. If its a go on both of these, then I really need to proceed and will love any help I can get. I'll give you some fantastic free programs for helping me. Let me know and thanks a lot. Rianna at riannamay@aol.com