In my htdig conf file I have:
start_url:              http://www.mydomain.co.uk/
limit_urls_to:        http://www.mydomain.co.uk/
exclude_urls:        /usr/local/htdig/conf/excludes
/usr/local/htdig/conf/excludes contains:
/cgi-bin/ .cgi action=vote&voteid bookmark.html email.html reddit.com del.icio.us www.google.com digg.com ma.gnolia.com www.newsvine.com
As I understand it both limit_urls and exclude_urls are string patterns, but which one takes precedence?
I have links on my site such as: http://reddit.com/submit?url=http://www.mydomain.co.uk/about_us/for_your_site/email.html  which contains both exclude_urls and limit_urls strings and htdig seems to be trying to index these links, any pointers on how I can definately exclude them from an index?
Many thanks in advance,