When I receave a result of a search with as HtDig, some links apears as the example:

Index of /corregedoria/publicacoes

Index of /corregedoria/publicacoes Name Last modified Size Description [DIR] Parent Directory 29-Nov-2001 13:29 - [DIR] Leis/ 21-Nov-2001 14:32 - [DIR] Normas_CGJ/ 21-Nov-2001 14:32 - [DIR] Parec_extrajud/ 21-Nov-2001 14:32 - [DIR] Parec_jud/ 21-Nov-2001 14:32 - [DIR] Portarias/ 21-Nov-2001 14 ...

Can I configure the HtDig to don't show a "Index of / corregedoria/publicacoes" hiperlink, becouse it is a list of documents into my website?