#13 Validate config file syntax

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Geoff Hutchison

need to validate config file:
From: Sphboc@aol.com

Appears to me that it "might be" useful to develop
logic to validate a single ".conf" file, and/or
especially the set of all .conf files which participate
in a given run.

Types of errors/warnings possibly including:
A. Syntax violations.
B. Use of undefined variables.
C. Definition of never-used variables.
D. Attempts to include non-existent files.
E. Include loops; A includes B, and B directly/
indirectly includes A.
F. (Possibly) warnings due to use of unreliable and/or
deprecated features.

I'd see this as a module which would be invoked by
calling it with either the name, or the content, of a
.conf. Output would include both a return code, and
error diagnostics.

Has there been any discussion of this? Was thinking
that, if it "sounds like a good idea" but no work on it
is active, I might try my hand at developing a

Steven P Haver