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#113 Wrong date/time format in HTTP header

htnet (8)
Matthias Emmert

We are using htdig-3.2.0b3.

I have seen situations where the "If-Modified-Since:"
header entry of an htdig request contains time
zone "MET". The web server (BEA WL6.1) rejects the
request therefore.

To find the error I had a look at the RFC 2616 (HTTP
1.1), which says: "All HTTP date/time stamps MUST be
represented in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), without
exception.". Hmm, that seems to explain the problem.

PS: Sure, I'd expect a web server to handle that kind
of error more flexible :-)

Matthias Emmert
START Amadeus GmbH, B2B Development
Emial: Matthias.Emmert2@start.de


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