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HSK-Libs running on the High Speed Karlsruhe F-108

The team has released a youtube video of the racing event in Spain:

The code is running on multiple electronics devices, such as the steering wheel, clutch/shifting control device (it also controls the rear ARB stiffness), pedal box (which controls the brake balance, several sensors, front ARB stiffness).

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2014-09-08

More Portable Magic

Several people have started working with these libraries, using a GNU environment. As a result a lot of compatibility improvements for GNU make and GNU awk have been committed to the repositories.

The Makefiles now have a brief table of usable targets and settings that can be overridden in Makefile.local.

Additionally the ability to output some debugging information on stderr, when DEBUG is defined in the environment, has been added to some of the awk scripts used for Makefile creation and µVision project file creation.... read more

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2013-02-23 Labels: repo make

A/D Converter and Pulse With Counting performance

Today's release contains significant improvements to the A/D conversion performance as well as improved reliability of pulse with counting (I don't call it pulse width measuring, because, well, PWM is already in use). There is also the usual slew of memory improvements.

  • hsk_adc
    • The interrupt performance as well as the overhead for requesting conversions has been improved
    • Store 8 bit conversions in a single byte
  • hsk_pwc
    • Worked around an issue where simultaneous interrupts, cause inconsistent counter states and thus lead to interpreting good measurements as dated
  • SDCC
    • Pass function arguments in default memory to allow passing parameters in registers and overlaying
    • Pass non-overlayable arguments of single use functions (init/enable functions) in xdata
  • C51
    • Ignore SDCC specific memory assignments (i.e. __xdata is ignored)
    • Add support for overlaying ISRs that use the same register bank (which implies they have the same priority)
  • scripts
    • Outsource the C code reformatting stage of overlays.awk into the new cstrip.awk
    • SDCC does not check memory assignments in prototypes against function definitions, so sanity.awk was added and included into the SDCC build process to perform the checks
Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-10-29 Labels: repo files

Improved Keil µVision support

A lot of work has gone into improving Keil µVision support:

  • Flip on REMOVEUNUSED in all repos to make better use of the available memory
  • Summarise overlaying in the documentation
  • uVisionupdate.sh script in the stub project now generates individual groups for each included library, this makes debugging much easier in some cases

General improvements:

  • Improved boot process
  • Improvements to the ADC library, should now work better under heavy load
  • Make the stub project use scripts from the libs project, instead of keeping redundant copies... read more
Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-10-11 Labels: files repo

Incoming improvements for Keil µVisison users

My understanding of the Lx51 linker has greatly improved during the last two weeks. I'm waiting for the conclusion of a bug report, before I update the documentation and push the changes.

There will also be a new snapshot release for those who do not wish to use Mercurial.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-10-09 Labels: files repo

License Update

Following a discussion on BSDForen.de I removed the "retain this notice" condition for the license in order to permit any kind of relicensing without any conditions.

I did not add a disclaimer, because they basically free me of obligations I do not have in the first place (in Germany) and obligations I cannot be freed from (in Germany). (I'm not a lawyer, this is my amateur opinion, bla, bla, bla, ...)... read more

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-10-03 Labels: meta license

Beer-Ware License Adopted

I added a swell of content to the wiki (most important our generous sponsors). I also uploaded some snapshots for those who are unwilling to install mercurial just to have a peak at the project.

And last, but not least, I decided to pick up the beer-ware license for the project:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# <kamikaze@bsdforen.de> wrote these files. As long as you retain this notice
# you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you
# think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return or become a
# sponsor of High Speed Karlsruhe.                             Dominic Fandrey
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks and a beer of my own (should we meet again) go to Poul-Henning Kamp
for the original beer-ware license.
Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-09-29 Labels: meta

Stub project online

I just pushed a stub project. This is the same project we use to kick off the code development of our new hardware devices.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-09-28 Labels: repo

Grand Openinig - HSK automotive code

Done setting everything up. Not everything about the "new sourceforge" works really smooth, yet. But I think I've got it under control, now.

So, get the code, have a look and hopefully some fun.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2012-09-27 Labels: meta