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Quick start for creating pages.

  • MPasacrita

    Hello Karl, or any of the other people to download and install the HSE project.  I am excited to start using the HSE project, but I am somewhat new to web-application technologies.  Is it possible for someone to tell me the steps necessary for making the sample application build in eclipse and deploy to my Tomcat servlet container.  Also, I would like to know how to start adding pages to the GUI.  I figured out how to add buttons on the dropdown menus but I don't know how to link them to the java classes, and build/deploy this project.  Step by step instructions would be the easiest for me, and I think most novice web-app designers to follow.  Thank you in advance for helping me.<br><br>

    • baro ozkan
      baro ozkan


      1. download eclipse tomcat plugin from www.sysdeo.com
      2. configure plugin parameters
      3. create a new tomcat project
      4. create j2ee web application directory structure
      5. put the source files of hse in a src folder
      6. put configuration,properties files in WEB-INF folder
      7. put jars in lib folder and add them to your buildpath
      8. start tomcat

      the project is a tomcat project so the plugin establishes necessary linkage with the tomcat container(put context files etc..)

      you should be familiar with java,swing to understand HSE and Echo2. So before you start , i suggest you to explore servlets and swing .
      Hope it helps.

      • MPasacrita

        Thank you very much for the step by step directions on how to set up this project in my tomcat directory.  I was able to start programming using the echo api, and I'm excited to see what I can do with this flexible framework.