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Release Hqp 1.9.5

Release 1.9.5 contains extensions and bug fixes for the determination of the structure of large-scale optimization problems. Moreover the implicit DAE solver IMP has been improved.

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2008-11-08

Release Hqp 1.9.4

The most important new features of release 1.9.4 are:

HQP solver
- re-implementation of Mehrotra's predictor-corrector method

S-funtion interface
- add support for time as optimization variable
- extend treatment of variables at initial and final time

- support for gcc 4.1.0

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2007-03-29

Release Hqp 1.9.3

The main new features of Hqp 1.9.3 are:
- support for native Hxi S-functions, besides MEX S-functions and inlined code
- initial-value simulation of discrete event models through S-function interface
- upgrade to ADOL-C version 1.9

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2005-11-21

Release Hqp 1.9.2

This release adds minor extensions, including new constraints for steady-state optimization of S-functions, update to MATLAB 7.0 (R14), and improved source code documentation.

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2004-10-06

Release Hqp 1.9.1

This release
- fixes a memory leak,
- adapts to new versions of gcc, BLT and
- improves error handling.

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2004-04-28

Release Hqp 1.9.0

Main new features include:
- extensions and bug fixed to the MEX S-function interface,
- new internal interface between Omuses and ODE/DAE solvers (integrators),
- adaptation of Meschach matrix library to ANSI C

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2003-11-22

Release Hqp 1.8.2

1) The Tcl interface (iftcl) now supports standard member access methods for reading and writing variables through Tcl.

(2) The Simulink S-function interface now works with Matlab versions 6.0 through 6.5 and provides it's own parser for S-function arguments.

(3) Last but not least a memory bug in the sparse matrix routines was corrected that had been present in all older releases and sometimes lead to a crash with the matrix solver LQDOCP.

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2002-12-06

Release Hqp 1.8.1

Release Hqp 1.8.1 provides improvements to the native ODE/DAE solvers IMP and SDIRK included with the front-end Omuses. Furthermore the pre-defined dynamic optimization and estimation problems for Simulink MEX S-function have been generalized and two examples were added to odc. Last but not least the automatic configuration now supports the generation of a dynamic link library for Omuses under Windows. The code documentation now exploits graphviz to generate inheritance and collaboration diagrams.

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2002-06-18

Release Hqp 1.8.0

The main new feature of Hqp 1.8.0 is a new layer between an optimization problem formulated using ADOL-C for automatic differentiation and the optimization solver. This layer allows to optionally provide structural and derivative information manually, bypassing ADOL-C.

Furthermore reference documentation is now extracted from the source files using Doxygen and support for MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) was added, in addition to the existing support for Cygwin.

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2002-05-05

First SourceForge release

Main enhancements of this release:
- new Simulink S-function interface allowing optimization of Simulink models
- reimplemented Hqp Docp interface using external C functions
- improved error handling using Meschach mechanisms and avoiding name clashes
- support for cl compiler (not Omuses front-end)

Posted by Ruediger Franke 2001-07-03