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Hot Potato Online v1.2.0

Hot Potato Online v1.2.0 is out for Linux and Windows!

Updates include new menu sounds, gameplay tweaks, better compatibility, in-game overhead popups, chat "writing" indicator, in-game and online game list, ability to join games in-progress, bug fixes and more!

Posted by Jean-Francois Perusse 2006-02-04

Hot Potato Online Version 1.1.0 is Out!

The new version of Hot Potato Online multiplayer game is out! This new release now includes an inGame and online games list to easily know who is playing and join online and local network games. Some features asked by the players also have been implemented such as overhead display of points gained or lost, an indicator to know who is writing in the chat, and more!

Posted by Jean-Francois Perusse 2005-08-26

Hot Potato Online goes MacOS X!

Hot Potato Online v1.0.0 is now available for MacOS X. You can now download the binary version of the game for this plateform under our files section.

Posted by Jean-Francois Perusse 2005-03-15

Official Hot Potato Online launch!!!

Come download the full version of a free pro-quality arcade action game! 1 to 4 player fictional arena sport with high intensity and character.

Posted by T.Adam 2005-03-02