• Sam

    What a great ride it's been... anyone know if gmail is webdav (or similarly) enabled??

    I dunno about you all but Microsoft is losing my eyeballs more and more everyday. I WILL not put up with advertising on my free email when I can get roaming webmail access with just about any decent ISP.

    • chris coleman
      chris coleman

      I also heard about MS allowing WebDAV ONLY for paying hotmail subscribers (WTF !!!).

      Is it possible to code an HTML stream-reading adapter for hotwayd / hotsmtpd ... that way, continue to have access to hotmail.

      The hotwayd code act as if it was a browser. Impossible to tell the difference.

      Make sense ??

    • hennewou

      I haven't tried it, but I think 'gotmail' acts like a browser.

    • Simon Roby
      Simon Roby

      hotwayd still works wonderfully for me... when exactly are they supposed to kill their WebDAV support? The article says 'Monday', but it's past Monday now, and hotwayd still happily does its job, heh.

      • Brad Schick
        Brad Schick

        Well if you read the article, you will find this:

        "But as of Monday, news users wanting to make use of WebDAV will have to pay for the service, said Brooke Richardson, product manager for MSN's communications services. MSN plans to transition current WebDAV users to subscription plans in the next few months as well."

        • Simon Roby
          Simon Roby

          Ah, so we have some unknown amount of time left.

          Oh well, gives me plenty of time to check out alternatives to Hotmail.

    • John Fruetel
      John Fruetel

      Gotmail screen scrapes hotmail and won't be affected by the WebDav changes.  However, anytime M$ changes the layout of the website, gotmail goes down in flames for a few days until gotmail gets revised.

      I'm the maintainer of gotmail and I'm interested in merging gotmail with hotwayd if you guys would like hotwayd to keep working when M$ drops free WebDAV support.

      Since in it's basic form, gotmail will download your hotmail inbox into a file, I don't think it would be hard to go to the next step and offer POP3 services for the messages in that file.

      If anybody thinks it's an interesting idea, drop me a line at

    • Simon Roby
      Simon Roby

      Damn, they've dropped free webdav for good now. :( So long hotwayd...

    • herbyweed

      so long hotwayd???

      so, im trying to get hotmail with thunderbird, in linux.. I guess it is not possible with hotwayd.

      gotmail for some reason will only download 1 msg at a time from,

      any alternatives?? will hotwayd or gotmail work fine with

    • uncledonald

      DAV was still running for many accounts. But MS has finally put the boot in, and will discontinue it on June 30 2008.

    • Jesse

      This totally sucks! What are we going to do if microsoft does this? Is there anyway to get around it or what?

    • R.J.V. Bertin
      R.J.V. Bertin

      What I suggest everyone does is close their hotmail accounts. You've got a bit over a month left to transition to gmail, for instance (who now give pop3 AND imap4 access to their servers). I looked into setting up a forward on my hotmail account, but that can only be to another hotmail or address.

      Sorry, but it seems it's going to be thanks for all the fish, this time around!