Possibility Relaying thru Hotmail SMTP

Jaeho Shin
  • Jaeho Shin
    Jaeho Shin

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering what X-HMAUTH means included in the response from mail.hotmail.com.

    (netj@tty3@sab)-(2003-11-10 Mon 00:12:07)-----------------------------------(~)
    (0:7:0)$ telnet mail.hotmail.com smtp
    Connected to mail.hotmail.com.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 mc5-f20.hotmail.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 5.0.2195.5600 ready at  Sun, 9 Nov 2003 07:23:25 -0800
    ehlo sab.mazic.org
    250-mc5-f20.hotmail.com ( Hello []
    250-SIZE 35840000
    250-AUTH LOGIN
    250 OK

    Since I remember there is a sending feature in Outlook Express using HTTPMail protocol, it must be possible to send(relay) mails thru Hotmail's SMTP if we do the same as OE does.

    I was satisfied with gotmail downloading my Hotmail messages. But I realized what I really need was a tool for sending thru Hotmail rather than receiving, since my SMTP server was blocked from some sites and it is really annoying. :(

    As looking around some hotwayd documents, it seemed to be using a much more standard way than gotmail. However, the absence of SMTP thru Hotmail was dissapointing a bit. I believe it would be possible sending mails thru Hotmail SMTP by doing authentication in OE way.

    I'm planning to try analyzing some packet dumps with OE when I get some spare time. But if anyone else who is familiar with hotwayd is interested in this, please do it for everyone. :)

    • Jaeho Shin
      Jaeho Shin

      I think I've found some clue on the web:

      Looks like Hotmail's SMTP is not what to look inside.
      Rather, the document says to use POST method for the Hotmail's HTTP server when sending mails. :)

      And here is a nice document about HTTPMail protocol (altough it's incomplete):

      Would it be easy to integrate sending feature into hotwayd?

    • David Smith
      David Smith

      Yeah it is not very difficult to send SMTP style though hotmail. You don't use that SMTP server like you said, but rather you do it via the HTTPMail protocol. Basically you just POST the message you want to send into a particular folder called "send" or "sent" (can't remember exactly) when has a particular URL (like each folder in your account which you are advised of at login).

      I guess the point is that if you are running hotwayd on a Linux/*nix/OS-X machine then why not just setup your own SMTP agent on the same machine and use that to send mails instead of using the slower hotmail interface? Unless your ISP disallows that..

      If using hotwayd is the only way to send messages then the problem of implementing it is basically the problem of creating a SMTP to HTTPMail proxy.


    • Anonymous

      use sendmail - its preinstalled on most distro's. to enable it, do this (works in slackware, dunno bout any other distro)

      cd /etc/rc.d
      chmod a+x ./rc.httpd
      ./rc.httpd start

      then set your email client to sendmails on host port 25.

      i know thats not what you asked for, but thats the alternative i use.

      • Jaeho Shin
        Jaeho Shin

        Of course I use sendmail as my primary SMTP.
        But for some sites(esp. mailing lists), my IP address is blocked somehow by their mail relay server and just can't send my mail to them. That's why I was trying to use Hotmail's SMTP, no other reason. :)
        I now got access to a new SMTP server which aren't blocked from those sites where I was trying to send my message. So I guess I won't need the sending feature of hotwayd for a while until my new SMTP gets blocked from somewhere else. ;)