Version 3.0

  • Corey Seliger
    Corey Seliger

    Hi there,

    Is there any access to the source for version 3.0? Is there anyone working on the code with you? I would love to take a look at the code and perhaps work on some of it. I have the current version installed and have made some tweaks, but I have some ideas for improving some of the features within the framework to make the whole system more robust.

    I didn't see anything checked into Sourceforge to be checked out. Is the new code being hosted elsewhere?

    Thank you for your time.

    • I don't currently use the cvs/svn systems.  Since I've been the only coder on the project since its beginning its pretty much just on my desktop.

      I plan on releasing an RC when I can get it to that point, possibly after I get the client further along into a workable system.  I still have a couple areas left to go on the client and a couple on the administration console before its ready as a release candidate.

      I would definitely welcome any input into the project.  Unfortunately the differences between 2 and 3 are pretty steep with the additional features and extended functionality of many of the existing features.

      Since you have 2x installed I can give you a ruff idea where I am on the client of 3.  The tools under the "website tools" section still have to be developed for 3.

      As soon as I get the RC out I'll definitely post the news on the website.  The first round of RC probably won't have the signup module or webmail depending on how quickly I get the RC out.  I'm a bit busy atm with work due to some extended certifications I'm working on but still work on the code as much as I can.

      I have to still do the remove domain and backup functions in administration and sub domain apache configuration management.  Since the new system has apache virtual host customization support through the admin (already done for main domain) it makes it a lot easier to manage customizing apache on a per virtual host level.

      One of the tuffest things to build this time around is going to be an upgrade utility to move from 2x to 3x due to all the extended features also.  All the information managed by HH will be maintained in the administrative database this time around for reconstruction and backup purposes.  This means much of the information that was only stored on the hosting server in 2x will need to be moved into the administrative database for 3x.

      Hopefully I can get the RC out within the next month or two so folks can play with it and give feedback and recommendations.

      Carl "Redragon"

    • Hi!

      As I can see it seems that this has been put on ice... is there a plan for when it will be possible to reach the source code? I'm looking at some  different ISP systems and right now this seems to be the most interesting.

      I am going to install a test installation of the last version of this, is it possible to have this system running in parallell with an existing configuration or does it require to take over all configuration files for postifx, apache, bind etc...?

    • I apologize for the delays.  After lots of work on 3.0 I decided it was going down the wrong path.  There is so much new content that I couldn't follow an upgrade path so it will be rewritten and the previous versions will have to be migrated instead of upgraded.

      After lots of building I felt the back end was to convuluted on the new system to effeciently run.

      I hope to be back on the band wagon right after the new year.  The end of the year is busy busy for me at work.


    • cool loyal
      cool loyal

      When the new version can be released! Hope in the new year to see it! It is multilingual it? I would be happy to help Chinese package