Bandwidth Usage & Disk Usage

  • Mark van Beek
    Mark van Beek


    I was looking into this software for the management of a (couple of) server(s) and now I am wondering how to enable and use the bandwidth usage and disk usage functions of the program. Could not find any help or pointers in the online feature list, the included help or the forum, so if someone could point out where to find it (or explain it here)...

    Yours sincerely,

    • There should be 3 cron tasks running, probably as user nobody, on each hosting server.  They call the following programs, httpparser, ftpparser, and mailparser.  These track the bandwidth usage of each domain by parsing those logs.

      Disk usage is displayed in the client and admin programs by going to that function.  If you have disk quotas enabled it harnesses the linux quota system to track disk usage and enforce it.  If you don't use disk quotas then it will track disk usage through the du command but not enforce the quotas.