mysql cluster and other solutions?

  • hans

    I've started install gnuhh, but I have a few questions.
    I want create cluster system, with load balancing (2 webservers,2 mailservers(with webmail), 2 dns, 2 mysql, 2 administration,2 log servers)
    1. I understand that admin, client, sign, dns,mail,hosting modules requires access to the same database. So if I install modules on separate servers, I need create mysql server with network access for all of the servers?
    2. Is it possible to separate Modules Mysql server and my customers Mysql server? I've just install admin module so it will take me few days until I install rest and test, so I'm not sure how are created mysql databases for customers.
    3.Does anybody has some solution for HA Mysql? I think about mysql cluster, but it require creating cluster tables, what for most of customers is black magic. Or maybe replication , but I can't imagine 2 masters writing in the same moment to database. And if I can I'd like to load balancing, so I don't need very fast mysql server.
    4. I will put my customers files on the NAS. So I guess it needs to be access for all servers (all modules)?
    5. What about proxy caching server? Does anybody managed include it into system? I worry about log files with access to websites for webstats.
    6. How difficult is it include to gnuhh, resselling domains to other registers then opensrs (ex. godaddy)?