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Host sFlow

The Host sFlow agent exports server performance metrics using the sFlow protocol. The agent is intended to provide scalable, multi-vendor, multi-OS performance monitoring with minimal impact on the systems being monitored.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q. Why am I not seeing any data?

  1. Check firewall settings on collector host.
  2. Run "hsflowd -ddd" at command line and examine debug output.
  3. Try running sflowtool as collector.
  4. sflowtool shows data, but Ganglia doesn't? Check case_sensitive_hostnames setting in gmetad.conf.

Release Highlights

Release 1.22

  • Signed switch extension for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Extensible switch, proving visibility into traffic flowing through the virtual switch.
  • JSON API to receive sFlow-APPLICATION data http://blog.sflow.com/2012/05/scripting-languages.html.
  • Experimental support for Nvidia GPU monitoring.