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Horde3D 1.0 Beta3 released

The new Beta3 release brings a few substantial improvements. It features a refactored
shader system with a cleaner and more powerful FX-like file format along with support
for automatic shader permutation generation. The performance of Beta3 has been optimized
considerably, for example by the introduction of an enhanced LOD system. Another new
feature is support for loading textures from DDS files. Besides these major upgrades,
there are many smaller API improvements, optimizations and bug fixes. Finally, Beta3

Posted by Volker 2009-03-16

Horde3D 1.0 Beta1 released

The open source graphics engine Horde3D has been released for the first time on sourceforge. Horde3D is a 3D rendering and animation engine that has been written in an effort to create a library that provides the stunning visual effects expected in next-generation games while at the same time being as lightweight and conceptually clean as possible. Horde3D has a simple and intuitive interface accessible from virtually any programming language and is particularly suitable for rendering large crowds of animated characters in next-generation quality.

Posted by Nicolas Schulz 2008-04-12