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IoServer performance

Minute ago I finished tests of IoServer and performance is at least very good. One measurement is fetched in 4.3ms on 1GHz terminal (and 9% cpu usage), and this speed is equal as in 2.3GHz dual core cpu. Test from many clients went also without errors.

Posted by Aleksander Kwiatkowski 2011-02-24

Weekend rewrite

Some time ago HomeIO went back to ruby 1.8.7 due to xml parsers, encoding, and very serious problems with xmpp gems.
Some day ago I started rails app, and it's in repo now.
Today I'm rewriting, documenting, and writing spec and my ideas.

Posted by Aleksander Kwiatkowski 2011-02-06

First prealpha release

You should be able to run it :]

Posted by Aleksander Kwiatkowski 2011-01-18

Storage engines

After finish refactoring HomeIO will use theese storage engines: raw metars, csv-like weather, csv-like measurements, and customizable active record (version 3) for maximum portability.

All engines can be disabled in configuration file, and active record can use all major dbs.

Posted by Aleksander Kwiatkowski 2010-12-21


At this moment I'm refactoring most of application code, and rewrite some parts of it. I'll post info after finish.

Posted by Aleksander Kwiatkowski 2010-12-09

Ruby 1.9.1

Now HomeIO should be ruby 1.9.1 ready for better performance.

Posted by Aleksander Kwiatkowski 2010-11-24