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Translation Help Wanted

Do you know "Start Game" in a non-English language?

Posted by Stephen Smith 2006-09-21

HoloRacer is Too Fast(tm)

I get dizzy every time I play it. Not for people who suffer seizures or don't like games that are too fast.

Posted by Stephen Smith 2006-09-18

HoloRacer Now Faster and Smoother

I've tweaked the graphics, and I can now say it's a bit faster and a bit smoother.

Posted by Stephen Smith 2006-09-14

New Version of HoloRacer Uploaded

HoloRacer is now on it's third version in a week, which is an indication of either how much work I've put in, or how many bugs the previous versions had. I hope you have fun with it.

Posted by Stephen Smith 2006-09-07

Holoracer Uploaded

The first initial version of Holoracer has been uploaded. Let me know what you think.

Posted by Stephen Smith 2006-09-02