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nobody bother with using the forums ?

  • excelent work, could do with some more documentation for somone as unexpirianced as me ... im trying to make hobbit monitor each of my jms queue's

    would be nice to graph all of the valus for each queue

    subscribers, msg high, pending etc.... even the byte's transfered

    • Hi and thanks:D

      I'm writing a plugin for hobbit to get most of those data in graph form at this moment I'm getting and doing the rrd/graph for data in those columns: JVM,JMS,JDBCConn,ExecQueue,JTA.
      I think I will finish to add some more graphs (JMSDestination is one of them) before going out with a new version with some improvement and the patch to create those graphs directly from hobbit.
      At this moment i'm finishing to restructure the entire environment a bit so I think the new version will be out at the start of next week or the week after that.

      Without rrd modules included inside hobbit it's not possible at this moment to graph repeatable data like JDBCConn or JMSDestination, the other data can be get with NCV graph.

      At this moment the documentation is really poor (I'm also not so good at writing it), a suggestion is to check in the manual and if you need any help feel free to contact me via Email or this forum and I'll try to solve the problem or explain the difficult things with some example :P ... I'll probably start to write a better documentation as soon as I've finished to put some more tests/graphs in the database check modules too.

    • Excelent, i'll try out as soon as it's available

      I've have basic test's working, like server responds to http requests etc ...

      I'm trying to put a threshold on my queue's

      I don't want them to go over ...
      let's say 10 providers
      and I also want to raise an alert if msg pending go over 5000

      and I have no idea how to do this with beastat

      wl_domainname is testing
      wl_servername is ci-server
      wl_queue name is bufferqueue


    • So I assume you're getting all the data with the scripts and you get all the columns for that data... can you be more specific about the terms? I'm not a bea wls experts so if you can tell me column name and what data are in the column i can be more specific...

      In general you can use something like this in the beastat.ini:
      #[wl-domain mbean wl-server mbeanspecificname]
      [testing jmsdestinationruntime ci-server bufferqueue.queue.something@somethingother]
      # return yellow for variabletocheck >10 and red for variabltocheck >20

      You can omit the wl-server/mbeanspecificname to do the check on the entire domain/jmsdestinationruntime mbean for example...

      If you can be more specific in the page you will find a type= - location= - name=
      and after that the various properties you can check...

    • Domain = MyTestDomain               #wl domain
      JMSServerRuntime = MyTestJMSserver  #wl jms server
      ServerName = MyTestServer           #wl server name

      MBeanName: "MyTestDomain:JMSServerRuntime=MyTestJMSserver,Location=MyTestServer,Name=BufferQueue,ServerRuntime=MyTestServer,Type=JMSDestinationRuntime"

      How to I tell beastat to use this MBeanName to fetch a counter or somthing ?

      what and were to put info in beastats.ini?
      what and were to put into bb-hosts
      and finally - beastat.pl remains the same ?

      All of the attribs are graph'able i think and would give different kind of cool througput overwiew

      The attribs that im interested in are
              BytesCurrentCount: 2528328
              BytesHighCount: 254720212
              BytesPendingCount: 16365
              BytesReceivedCount: 246572473
              ConsumersCurrentCount: 1
              ConsumersHighCount: 1
              ConsumersTotalCount: 1
              MessagesCurrentCount: 882
              MessagesHighCount: 84197
              MessagesPendingCount: 1
              MessagesReceivedCount: 82167
              MessagesThresholdTime: 0

      Btw, if there is somthing i can help with to contribute in some way i'll be more than happy to

    • Ok so I'll try to explain how to start and get data to beastat.pl

      First of all you need that beastat.pl is running in the hobbit server as an extention and getting data. To do this follow this steps:
      1) copy beastat.pl in your server/ext hobbit directory
      2) copy beastat.ini in your server/etc hobbit  directory
      3) edit your beastat.pl and make sure the settings in the first lines are good (Hobbit=1, debug=0) and so on
      4) edit you beastat.ini to put at least the correct path to your jdk java executable and weblogic.jar file

      Now go to your server/ext directory and run:
      1) ../bin/bbcmd bash (you will get to shell with all the bb variable in the environment)

      You can now run the beastat.pl to create the needed configuration in your beastat.ini for the server to monitor, you will need to manually edit your bb-hosts file to put some lines.

      So you can now run:
      Example of running beastat.pl:
      ./beastat.pl beaserver port user password
      The parameters are:
      beaserver =   the server running the bea wls (make sure it's pingable
      port = port of the bea wls administration server (if it's not a cluster i think it's the wls server port)
      user = username to connect to the administration port
      password = password for the user

      If it find the bea server it will print some line and ask you if you want to put your username/password in encrypted form under a directory in the server/etc directory of your hobbit server (suggested because running with cleartext password will make them visible to a ps -efww command).

      It will output something like this:

      >BBHOST Configuration to be done manually.
      > beaserver      # cont=dm1;http://beaserver:port/console/login/LoginForm.jsp;"BEA[[:space:]]WebLogic[[:space:]]Server"
      > MyTestDomain         # noconn nodisp beastat
      > MyTestDomain.MyServer        # noconn beaping

      >Do you want to store user/password in encrypted file under the /home/bbtest/server/etc directory (you'll find a MyTestDomain.cfg and MyTestDomain.key)? (yes/no) y
      >beastat.ini Configuration done automatically.
      >hostname                = beaserver
      >adminport               = port
      >encrypted               = yes

      At this point you have to put those line in the bb-hosts file.
      > beaserver      # cont=dm1;http://beaserver:port/console/login/LoginForm.jsp;"BEA[[:space:]]WebLogic[[:space:]]Server"
      > MyTestDomain         # noconn nodisp beastat
      > MyTestDomain.MyServer        # noconn beaping

      It's possible that you already have the first line in your bb-hosts file if you're already monitoring the machine that have the wls server on it. If this is the case just add everything after the "#" to that line. It's a content check to see if the administration port of weblogic server is working so that no test are done by the script if it's not working.

      After this you can run beastat.pl without any parameters and it should start to send data to hobbit server.

      By default it will do a connectivity test and get data of all those mbean:
      ServerRuntime, DomainRuntime, ClusterRuntime, JMSRuntime, JTARuntime, JVMRuntime, JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime, JMSDestinationRuntime, ExecuteQueueRuntime, ServletRuntime, erverSecurityRuntime, WebAppComponentRuntime, EJBComponentRuntime, TimeServiceRuntime, LogBroadcasterRuntime

      You will find in your bb page a row with the MyTestDomain.MyServer name and many columns with the results of all that tests.

      If this not work you can try to change debug=1 in the beastat.pl, rerun it and check what happened (and send me a mail so i can check what the problem is).

      If it run you can put the configuration in your hobbitlaunch.cfg:
      >        ENVFILE /home/bb/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
      >        NEEDS hobbitd
      >        CMD $BBHOME/ext/beastat.pl
      >        LOGFILE $BBSERVERLOGS/bb-bea.log
      >        INTERVAL 5m

      It will run the test every 5 minutes and save the logs to bb-bea.log under the hobbit log directory.
      Make sure to change the ENVFILE location to that of your hobbit server and to change back debug=0 in the beastat.pl

      Let me know if you get this working or if you have problems.
      After it's working I'll try to explain what to do to monitor the various mbean property.

    • Uxinn


      I completed the setup by following your instructions and Default Monitoring is running.
      So now I would want to be able to show graphs of each JMSqueue running in my cluster

      And Ideally I would want to see the BEA plugin to show me one TAB for:
      Server UP,Web-App UP etc..
      and another TAB with graphs like:
      JVM graphs
      JMS Queue graphs

      Do you see any easy way for me doing just that with this plugin?