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hlmaster 0.9.3 (beta) released


* Added basic support for the Half-Life ingame browser. Please
note, that filtering does not work yet. HLMaster will allways
send the total list.
* You cannot load more than 3'000 with --server-list anymore. The
overall limit however is still 60'000.
* New commandline options (linux only):
-u, --user=USER run hlmaster as USER.
-g, --group=GROUP run hlmaster as GROUP.

* Now compiles on FreeBSD via configure && make.
* Minimized memory usage.

Posted by Silvan Minghetti 2001-12-23

hlmaster 0.9.2 (beta) released

This is the first public release of hlmaster. Go have a look at http://hlmaster.sourceforge.net for more information

Posted by Silvan Minghetti 2001-07-05