More Lan Master server

  • Kevin Colby
    Kevin Colby

    Ok the dns method is a cakewalk (all clients in my Lan Party will be getting IP Addresses via DHCP so i can point them to my DNS Server for everything).  In the latest HL Version will the clients recognize the hlmaster server as a "True" master server hence the ability to use the Internet Games menu to connect to servers.. I know i could just have everybody use Gamespy.. but with the new register before you download setup gamespy has and the fact that we are not going to put in an internet connection for the party...that's not a 100% solution...

    If there is a protocol issue did Sierra maintain reverse compatibility or did the strip everything out. If they did strip everything out are you working on implementing the new proto? 

    • Well, I've just analized the new protocol. And actually, only the begining is a little different, but the basic server list retrievement is the same.

      I think, I'll be able to implement some changes to make it work quite fast...

    • Lionel Coc.
      Lionel Coc.

      It would be great !

      I've used dns+masterserver (NitroMaster in fact) for a long time.  Today i make tests and i was thinking i have dreamed or was drug the time i had HL get servers from local master =)

      Will a new version really be released ? (a simple .exe would be just great for me :)