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SharpEd / News: Recent posts

VS 2010

Project solution files will switch to the new visual studio sln format. The old 2008 format will be maintaned for some time, but not too long. MonoDevelop can read/write 2010 project files.

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-04-24

Plugins in plan

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-03-24


I would like to reveal future plans. In these days, plugin framework is being implemented. Many plugins are in plan, so the purpose of this software will expand significantly. Also GUI will be improved, again :-) There will be some prototype releases, where you will be able to find out more. Stay tuned :-)

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-03-22


Since now, project management is switching to TRAC provided by SF. And the major change is project rename. The new name is SharpImageEd. The rename is caused by new direction and new goal of development. About that I'm going to write in next post. Thank you and I hope you will like new name and future releases :-)

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-02-20

1.2 final is here! Better UI and performance.

All issues has been resolved and version 1.2 is done! Major GUI improvements have been done since 1.0 version and also several bugs have been fixed. Other major update is in Undo/Redo system - is more reliable. Much more changes is under the hood - better performance and memory consumption. An there was also many improvemets and preparations for next work... I will reveal my future plans soon ;-) Enjoy!

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-02-17

One problem left

I've released release candidate for Histogram Manipulation Image Editor. Everething is done and ready for final testing. Everything, except one thing - under linux, there are still some memory leaks. Under windows and .NET is all fine. I'm afraid that the different Garbage collector in mono makes the different. I'll make changes in my memory management, but in future version. Enjoy and thank you for your feedback!

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-02-08

Weekend goal

I've got in plan to release new version this weekend - Release Candidate1. Stay tuned to find out,if I can make it in time :-)

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-02-06

New beta version!

Second beta is ready for you! One big change since last beta version - you can make histogram panel switch to floating form or minimized so there can be more space for image. As always, any feedback is highly appreciated.

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-01-17

Files reorganization

I've made released file reorganization to more usable structure.

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-01-11

Second Beta

There will be new beta release this week. One significant change is waiting for you :)

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2010-01-10

1.2 beta 1 released

First beta version of maintenance 1.2 release is here. Download binaries or sources for Windows and *unix. Since this release mono 2.6.1 is recommended and mono 2.4.2 required. Many bugs were fixed, mainly resizing and histogram component bugs. There are also some improvements for histogram component. New Undo/Redo system is implemented - more reliable and faster, but memory consumption was slightly increased. Also potential cross-thread operation were treated.

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2009-12-29

Future release

There will be a maintanance realease after new year. All known bugs will be fixed. In addition, there will be some improvments for histogram component.

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2009-12-20

version 1.0

Final version 1.0 is available. You can download sources or binaries for linux or windows

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2009-09-05

Beta 2 is here!

Project is now in beta stage. It's feature complete. You can view histograms of images, equalize them to get better results or you can specify histogram to get right information from image, that you need. In beta stage I'm going to fix bugs and optimize the code to get it faster and faster :)

Posted by Tomas Vondracek 2009-08-21