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First Per-Alpha Released

After 6 weeks in development the first Pre-Alpha is being released. This release is only to get this project known and start getting feedback on the project. This pre-alpha is only a demo and only allows a few rooms to be placed into the tower. The time runs, day and night cycles with the change if background color. Offices have workers taking the elevators and going to work. In the evening they retire to the available apartments or leave to tower to a home elsewhere. Animations reflect activity in the offices and apartments, people ride the elevators and at night the people go to bed and close the curtains. At around 5:30AM they rise to restart the whole process.... read more

Posted by AlabamaCajun 2009-10-07

Alpha One moves closer to reality

Highrise Developer advances.

The first semblances of a playable game start to take shape.
After weeks of work we start to see people move into apartments, going to work int the morning and returning in the evening. Placement is still a little unpredictable but most of the code is in place to handle placing rental space for offices and apartments. Elevator placement, expansion of floors, new floors and the lobby need to be added. ... read more

Posted by AlabamaCajun 2009-09-29

Now OpenGL under ceGUI

We have successfully moved Highrise Developer from pure SFML Render to OpenGL in an SFML Window. We also added Crazy Eddie's ceGUI to the front end to provide, dialogs, widgets and buttons. The project is building on OO patterns making project management much easier and clean.

All events run through a chain of responsibility pattern to different strategies.
Some of the floor level code is now implemented which will soon allow user placement of rental spaces.
The elevators are responding to simulated calls as if people were ridding them, we just need to set up queues and animation.
ToolBar is under development now.

Posted by AlabamaCajun 2009-09-13