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beta 0.9.4 : the final iteration before rc-1

Yeah, I promise.
Like, really.

I worked real hard for this one, and I've set up my testing environment once again, so rc-1 should come as soon as I get any leftover bug out of the way, and as soon as the documentation is up to date.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2009-02-27

beta-0.9.3 : another round of testing and fixes

Here's another Release Tuesday, and we've got another round of testing and fixes gone by.
I expect to have a Release Candidate out Real Soon Now.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2008-08-06

beta 0.9.2 : more small fixes on the way to rc-1

beta 0.9.2 includes more fixes on the startup script, and fixes to the distribution compatibility script.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2008-07-16

beta-0.9.1 marks the return of relase tuesdays

With improvements to the startup procedure when using the rc-script, beta-0.9.1 marks the return of release tuesdays.

Starting today, a new release will be made the first and third tuesday of every month, until we get a release candidate out.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2008-07-02

beta-0.9 is out

beta-0.9 is out, and we're getting closer to an rc.
The good news is that we have more installations using this on a production level, we just have to work out bugs for this 'packaged' version so anyone can install this on their own.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2008-06-15

project name change

The mysql-ha project will now be known as highbase.
The rename is due to a trademark issue with MySQL AB, owners of the MySQL trademark.

More information will be posted on the new project's website, and a new release (beta-0.8) will be made tomorrow (thu nov 15 - 2007).

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2007-11-15

beta-0.7: fixes and more inter distribution compatibility

One step closer to rc-1, which is begining to look like some kind of horizon :)
This release includes a few bugfixes, the result of both internal and external testing.
Please keep those bug reports comming so we can get to a stable release soon!

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2007-05-18

beta-0.6.9: minor bugfixes

I couldn't make it to rc-1 on time, but I'm confident to solve the last issue I'm aware of during the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2007-04-06

beta-0.6.8 : thresolds up to microseconds

beta-0.6.8 is out, and a new threshold system is implemented. The function sleep is now used only in the main loop, whereas everywhere else usleep is used, and administrators can specify thresholds in seconds, milliseconds and microseconds.

If you have the proper infrastructure (networking and responsive servers) this gives you much more control to implement a fast takeover/recover time.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2007-01-17


This includes a minor improvent which speeds up the recovery when the master node has mysqld down instead of choked which processes, which apparently is the case in most non-fatal failures.

Our next release will include improvements in the
service recovery time for the most general case of the master node being dead.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2007-01-10

beta-0.6.6 / installer alpha-0.1.0

Today I divided the project in two packages:
- mysql-ha (the current released package) is now beta, and contains only the code needed to run the cluster. There is no installer and you need to install and configure the cluster manually, following the docs
- installer, which is alpha, and on version 0.1.0, also includes mysql-ha (you don't need to download both if you want the automatic installer). This release includes an automatic installer and configuration script. ... read more

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-12-27

alpha-0.6.5: support for sudo

This release adds support for sudo. If sudo is found on the host systems, the system is run under the unprivileged mysqlha account,and all privileged commands are run through sudo.

This, along with the support for passphrase protected private keys with the ssh-agent added with alpha-0.6.4-1 mark great security improvements for the project.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-11-16


This is the first relase with our new naming/numbering scheme, marking our way into what hopefully is a saner scheme.

Besides the name, this includes important fixes to setup_replication.sh which should make it work on many more systems than before.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-11-06


Alpha-6.3-1 is out, with more fixes to the cluster code proper, and a working rc-script (in most cases).

Tests on FC5 w/MySQL 5 have been succesful for takeovers on two different fault scenarios.

Expect more bugs to be found and fixed during the next weeks, as we work hard towards our first beta.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-10-30


alpha-6.3 is out and it's the first release of this new 'stage' to include fixes in the cluster code proper.

I fixed a bug in the slave routine and managed to perform a successful failover by invoking configurator.sh directly on the slave (the init script mysql-had isn't working and it's low in my priorities to fix it).

Please refer to the Change Log for more information.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-10-27


just minor bugfixes on the implementation of configuration-wrapper, and fixes on file permissions that prevented the installation procedure from completing.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-10-19


This release includes the new X configurator (based on wxPython and created with wxGlade) and a few more changes to tidy up the code.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-10-13

new configuration script

alpha-6.1 is out, with a rework of the configuration script, and the addition of an alternative dialog-based configuration

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-10-06


alpha-6 is the first release in two years, and includes a working setup_replication.sh

This script leaves MySQL's replication working
by asking just a few questions. It has been tested only on Fedora Core 5.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-09-25


Current development is focused on getting setup_replication.sh to work 100% on FC5. You can check the latest dev version from svn (I've included a link in the project's home page -> donwloads).

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2006-09-18


alpha-5 is out, with minor fixes and security improvements on the installation. The project is now sponsored by Seriema Systems, you should check the project's home page for more info and news.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2004-10-13

diary init, new release, ...

This new release is starting to delay like a reunion tour. Anyway, I hear the Pixies got back together so there's hope for us too ... Seriously folks, the new release is coming anytime, and you can read all about this on my diary, I started using this feature to post daily reports of activity and keep everyone informed and interested.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2004-02-08

new site layout

after a really really long delay due to personal problems, the project is back with a new site design that will hopefully result more usefull. for instance, you can now add items to the todo without even logging in. please check the new site and stay tuned for more updates and a release calendar that will be posted in the next few days

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2003-08-26


alpha-4.2 is available now and consists only of bugfixes. new
work is now focused on load balancing but a release of
the mysql-hab branch is not to be expected until at least
another month.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2002-12-27

load balancing

it's been long since the last official release, but now work has begun on supporting multiple nodes with load balancing (a feature requested by most users). this is probably going to push
the next release date a little ahead (maybe febraury), but you
can check development status on the cvs, there's a new module
added, mysql-hab, which includes all changes that are being tone to support multiple nodes and load balancing.

Posted by Fernando Ipar 2002-12-07