Updating to MW 1.9

  • This is close to copy/pasted from the Feature requests.

    --Original post from jayedgar--
    Greetings. Being unfamiliar with this system, I hope I'm putting this in the right place.

    Are there plans for updating wgExtraNamespaces for MW 1.9? I'd like to upgrade to 1.9, but rely on the hidden namespaces.

    Many thanks.


    --Reply from haevven--
    Yes, there are plans for updating the patch to work with MW 1.9. We have
    no release-date, though.

    --Reply from jayedgar--

    I'd be interested in helping with the effort, yet after looking through
    the code, I find it a bit daunting. How much familiarity do you all have
    with the MW code? How much effort would it take a good programmer to be
    useful to you?



    • As far as I know none of the three so far involved in this project claims intimate knowledge to neither MediaWiki nor PHP/MySQL, though we all have wikiadmin- and programming experience.

      I'd say that it don't take much effort for a good programmer to be useful here. :)

      The modus operandi so far seems to be trying the existing patch on the new version of MW and then trying to fix the bugs that appear. We haven't used the CVS-system on SF notably yet, but then again, the activity around 1.9.1 has been rather nonexistent.

      Would you like to join the project as a developer?


    • Jay Edgar
      Jay Edgar

      Hi Kristian:

      I can't commit a whole lot of time at this point, and I am interested. I was expecting you all would be wizards, understanding the MW code. And apparently you do what I do sometimes: get empirical and stab at it until it works. ;)

      Can you direct me somewhere where I could become more educated in the process you're using?

      Thanks for the response, and for transferring it to the forum. I would have put it here in the first place, and wasn't sure it would be seen.


    • Getting empirical and poking at it until it works seems like a good summary. ;)

      What exactly do you mean by "the process you're using"? How we make new the patches? How we use SourceForge? Or something completely different?


      • Jay Edgar
        Jay Edgar

        Sorry, I should have been more specific. What process are you using to update the code in the mod? I thought perhaps you had a methodology. Or do you do what I would think of doing: Run MW, see the bug, hunt the bug down in the MW code, futz with the code, test again, repeat?

        Also, how do you make the mod files? This is a less important question for now, but if you have a link to send me to, that would be great. I'm guessing you update the MW code and when done, run some sort of 'diff' function to extract the changes.

        Thanks for your time.


    • Right. Personally I run MW, test for bugs, se a bug, try to fix the bug in the MW sourcecode, upload the new code, test for bugs, etc.

      I keep track of changes by using SVN-software. Personally, because I'm running Windows, I use TortioseSVN (http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/) which have functionality that create patch-files.

      No problem.


    • coldchillin

      I'm having a problem with this patch. I am running CentOS 4.3, MySQL 5.0xxx, PHP 5.2.1, and MediaWiki 1.9.3

      I dropped my wikidb, reinstalled my wiki, but when I execute the patch

      patch -p0 hidden-1.9.3

      it seems to just stall...but it's a fresh installation.

      Has anyone else had this problem? Does it matter where the patch is located? When I open the patch in VI, I see ^M characters.

      • The command line should be

        patch -p0 < hidden-1.9.2.patch

        Did you remember the '<'? If you forget it everything will hang.

        The patch should be located in your wiki-folder. The '-p0'-option strips the ^M-characters from the patch.


        • Bugger. The correct command is of course:

          patch -p0 < hidden-1.9.3.patch

          and not 1.9.2. Sorry.