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Hex Bubbles / News: Recent posts

Beta 1 finally ready

After a bit of delay due to internet connection issues, here's the new beta 1 version of Hex Bubbles!
What's new?

-20 levels (more to be added)
-new config app
-new, longer music loop
-various bug fixes

Download now!

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-11-26

Beta 1 almost ready

The first beta of Hex Bubbles is almost ready!
New features include:
-a fully functional, easy to use level editor
-some levels
-can play user created levelsets
-nice config app
-new ingame music
-various bug fixes and enhancements

The beta should be ready within 2 weeks. Stay tuned!

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-11-08

Alpha 2 released

The new version has been released.
What's new?
-10 backgrounds
-"how to play" added to the menu
-italian translation
-temporary starter app
-auto updater
-various bug fixes an improvements

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-11-04

Alpha 1 released

After 4 days of work, the first alpha of HexBubbles has been released.
It features a perfectly working single player mode and cooperative mode, a relaxing soundtrack, most of the graphics, the english translation, sound effects and some randomly generated levels.

The next version will be much better of course.

-Italian translation (planned for alpha2)
-Help menu (planned for alpha2)
-Options menu (planned for beta1)
-More backgrounds (planned for alphas)
-Ingame logo (planned for alpha2)
-level reader/writer (planned for alpha2)
-level editor (planned for beta1)
-levels (planned for beta1)
-menu music (planned for beta1)
-better animations (planned for alpha2)

Posted by Federico Dossena 2010-11-01