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Release 1.0.11 is available!

Added -w option for swapping bytes in hex files such as generated by Microchip's MPLAB IDE. Also available for the S19 files.

Corrected bug caused by extra empty lines in hex/S19 files.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2014-10-06

Release 1.0.10 is available!

Recent bugs fixed. No new features. The options and their arguments must be separated with a space. Ex.: hex2bin -e bin2 mytest.hex

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2012-08-22

Relea1.0.10 under way

Recent bugs corrected.
Submit your wish list!

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2012-08-13

Release 1.0.9 now available

Relicensed to BSD

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2012-03-12

New release under way: submit your wish list!

I'm currently adding a submitted feature, and I plan to implement the overlapping records checking. I happen to have some CRC routines done, and it could probably be of use.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2012-03-05

Hex2bin to be relicensed to BSD

Instead of using the LGPL license, Hex2bin will be released with a BSD license along with new feature(s). The release 1.0.9 should be posted soon.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2012-03-02

Added LGPL as license

Hex2bin code can be used for commercial applications. I added the LGPL license in this project; current release (1.0.8) can be used as LGPL even if files are specified with GPL. Licensing change will be included in next release.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2010-08-04

Release 1.0.8

This release fixes physical address calculation for extended linear address records, and a bug with the ADDRESS_MASK define.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2010-04-02

Release 1.0.7

This fixes the crash on 0 byte length data records.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2009-12-12

New release: 1.0.5

This release fixes option parsing. Some options were ignored when many options were specified. A version compiled for windows is included (hex2bin.exe mot2bin.exe)

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2007-10-06

Note: overlapping records

hex2bin/mot2bin assume that records don't overlap. If records do overlap, it will be translated without any warnings.
Usually, compilers shouldn't generate overlapping records.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2007-10-04

Binary file over 64K

If hex2bin/mot2bin fail while generating binary files over 64K,

try changing this define to an appropriate size, say 4M
This is the allocated memory for the binary file.

(in hex2bin.c, mot2bin.c)

/* size in bytes */
#define MEMORY_SIZE 4096*1024

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2005-08-25

New release

Added the possibility to put a checksum in a binary file,
corrected many bugs and integrated all patches.
Includes binaries for linux and windows (compiled on windows 98)

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2005-01-29

Other software suggested

Another excellent software for manipulating EPROM files is available here:

It supports more file format than Hex2bin.

Posted by Jacques Pelletier 2003-06-13