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#63 THE 3.2B Win32: Cursor placement problems

Bob Braine

Sorry about the length of this one.

I find the placement of the cursor in THE is frequently
disconcerting, and sometimes not only confusing but

Since I can find no documentation on how THE intended
to position the cursor, I have to use my experience with
XEDIT and KEDIT as a guide and as the basis for where
the cursor should appear after an operation.

Cursor placement following prefix commands
In both Kedit and Xedit, after a prefix command is
executed and no CURSOR command has been invoked,
the cursor appeares on the leftedge of the filearea,
either at the line of the first prefix macro executed, at
the start of an added line, or the next visible line.

In THE this is inconsistent, sometimes the cursor ends
up on the leftedge of the filearea (prefix cmd "a"),
usually in the prefix area of the last prefix command
executed (prefix cmd "xx").

This can be really confusing, as when I work my way
down the screen entering many prefix commands for
execution at one time, I then expect to start my next
step at the same starting point in the file, this rarely
happens in THE.

The cursor placement is really strange when one or
more ADD prefix commands are issued and any other
prefix command later on, the cursor ends up at the next
line after the line number where the last prefix command
was entered, which because of the add commands may
be no where near the original file line of any of the prefix

Macros that issue a MSG command
Whenever a key macro or prefix macro issues a MSG
command the cursor shows up at the end of the
message, this is confusing at best.

In THE I like to use the "Shift" key to have THE clean up
(such as when it says to hit any key for the next
action), but while the shift key causes the message to
disappear when it was displayed by a key macro, the
location of the cursor is unchanged, i.e. the cursor
stays at the end of where the message was (if the msg
was displayed by a prefix macro the cursor does return
to the prefix area).

Even though the cursor appears at the end of the
message, THE behaves as though the cursor is still
where it started (on the command line, in the file area,
or prefix area, not the end of the messages), as any
typed characters appears in the appropriate location,
but by looking at the screen there is no way to tell
where the cursor is really located. I usually do a cursor
left followed by a cursor right to have THE correctly
display the cursor again, but sometimes this is the
wrong action to take, as it may shift the file if the
cursor is at an edge of the file area.