#126 ENTER redefined as C-J

r corak

THE 3.3B1 on WinXP
General info that might help with other bugs.
Occasionally, THE complains of memory shortage. REXX tracing sometimes seems to be involved. But what happens at that time is that ENTER (which I have defined in PROFILE to be MACRO ENTER) gets redefined all by itself to be C-J. Preparing for these problems, I defined C-HOME to be MACRO ENTER. When the memory shortage message occurs and the window goes all crazy with black lines, I start SHOWKEY (using C-HOME to get it going) and observe that ENTER is now C-J. On another computer where I have a real 102-key keyoard, when this problem arises ENTER is also changed to C-J, but NUMENTER remains MACRO ENTER, as I set it in PROFILE. Hope this is helpful.


  • LesK

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    That's interesting! I'm using THE 3.2 on Windows and one of the first things I did to get familiar with THE was to write a SHOWPF macro (because I'm an ex-VM/Xedit user) that uses POPUP. That spawned SHOWALPH and SHOWOTHER so that I could more readily explore the keyboard hotkeys and THE.

    This has led to the discovery that C-M is set to whatever I've defined for ENTER, which (of course) is: MACRO something-or-other. Coincidence maybe? I started playing with redefining ENTER and mucked it up so that I didn't have any ENTER key, so I quit doing that!