#115 black lines

r corak

THE 3.3 beta 1 on WinXP
I have about 25 files in the ring, not small files.
As I edit another file, I get an error about memory shortage creating window. I assume that this is proper for the current situation. However, afterwards, pressing the ENTER key causes the line containing the cursor, from the column of the cursor rightward to the end of the window, to show completely black and the cursor to move to file column 1 of the next line. Repeatedly pressing ENTER repeats this until I have lots of black lines. Reaching the last file line displayed in the window does not cause any scrolling. The displayed lines remain black. Pressing ESC at this time restores the displayed lines to their proper content. Pressing HOME puts the cursor into the CMDLINE, where ENTER causes the cmd input area from the cursor rightward to go black. Any characters that were in front of the cursor remain displayed, but are not executed as a command. My ENTER key is redefined as "SYNONYM ENTER 5 MACRO ENTER". If I use another editor and insert TRACE ?I into the ENTER.THE macro, it is not traced, as if the macro is not read from disk and processed.