#149 Fedora 11 compile and run time issues

Cinelerra (81)
David Highley

Looks like this application is having many aging issues. I have yet to down load it and have it build without errors. It will not be widely used and therefore useful until the user no longer needs to build this application. I fixed several compilation issues in the thirdparty tree and now it has run time failures. Even though the code changes were in the thirdparty directory if your not able get the application built then it is not usable. Had similar experience the last time I tried this application about two years ago.
signal_entry: got SIGSEGV my pid=30331 execution table size=16:
awindowgui.C: create_objects: 433
awindowgui.C: create_objects: 440
awindowgui.C: create_objects: 444
awindowgui.C: create_objects: 447
awindowgui.C: create_objects: 453
suv.C: get_cwindow_sizes: 744
suv.C: get_cwindow_sizes: 774
suv.C: get_cwindow_sizes: 800
suv.C: get_cwindow_sizes: 821
editpanel.C: create_buttons: 177
editpanel.C: create_buttons: 303
editpanel.C: create_buttons: 177
editpanel.C: create_buttons: 303
mwindowgui.C: create_objects: 192
mwindowgui.C: create_objects: 195
mwindowgui.C: create_objects: 199
signal_entry: lock table size=6
0x23ebd00 RemoveThread::input_lock RemoveThread::run
0x337c040 CWindowTool::input_lock CWindowTool::run
0x339ef90 TransportQue::output_lock PlaybackEngine::run
0x346f610 MainIndexes::input_lock MainIndexes::run 1
0x346eb60 TransportQue::output_lock PlaybackEngine::run
0x3470140 Cinelerra: Program MWindow::init_gui *
BC_Signals::dump_buffers: buffer table size=0
BC_Signals::delete_temps: deleting 0 temp files
SigHandler::signal_handler total files=0


  • The last release was only up for about a week before another compiler update broke it. Please advise.